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  • Servant's Heart International Ministries (SHIM) is dedicated to teaching the process of Salvation in the proper context.
  • The workers that God hire or call to care for His harvest (His people, His Church) are supposed to focus on building a strong faith-filled core, in order to “make enduring disciples”, not work to increase or enlarge a local membership base. We believe it is God who adds to the church (Acts 2:47b), not a person’s charisma, talent or charm; because, when a personality or even a famous name draws in people to a local church body, then that person must always be “on” in order to keep the people interested enough to come back.
  • God did not set His plan of salvation into motion just so we can be saved from poverty, problems and pain. The plan was to save and free us from the bonds of Satan and Sin, first. Once we are free in our minds, then we can more easily see ways or routes to obtain and keep material things, which can lead to a more prosperous life in this world.
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  • One For All: The Message of Salvation in God's Own Words is now available for sell in paperback form or FREE in PDF format
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