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About the authors 

Daniel & Peggy

Daniel and Peggy have served in ministry since 1997. They met and married in  Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 2001, while on staff at a local church, where they served in leadership roles until 2003.


... Has worked with Singles’, Men’s, and Mentoring Ministries; and, he was on staff as the Media Director and Network Administrator over a span of eight years. He has just completed work on a Christian Education based teaching tool: a book titled, “One for All: the Message of Salvation in God’s Own Words”. That project was the result of seeing a need in the Church for fundamental, Biblical based teaching on why mankind came to need salvation from the powers of Sin and Satan and how the process of salvation was first carried out by God for everyone. 


... A graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma, class of ’94. She has served as a Children’s pastor and as a coordinator for a major conference, in Tulsa, OK, before moving the the Denver, CO area. 

Ministry objectives  

The workers that God hire or call to care for His harvest (His people, His Church) are supposed to focus on building a strong faith-filled core, in order to “make enduring disciples”, not work to increase or enlarge a local membership base. We believe it is God who adds to the church (Acts 2:47b), not a person’s charisma, talent or charm; because, when a personality or even a famous name draws in people to a local church body, then that person must always be “on” in order to keep the people interested enough to come back.

Applied ministry techniques  

We are students of God’s Word; and, despite how over used that statement sounds, we believe the in-home and smaller group settings, which the early church applied out of necessity and political survival, are still applicable and relevant today for the Body of Christ’s spiritual growth. We've seen this principle at work, as we often provide Christ-centered counseling to individual members of our community on a routine basis, including family and friends. We believe: the believers' first work of service is to family and friends, which are his or her neighbors, then to their community and the world.


View Points 

Every believer is called to be a minister or servant of the gospel, which means “good news”; but, God does not call and send out everyone into His harvest as a skilled laborer. One of the common misconceptions in the Church is to assume that the instructions, which Jesus gave His disciples (to go into every man's world and preach) while He was away, and some of the responsibilities the Apostle Paul mentioned his letters to the early churches, are meant for every believer, regardless of how long they’ve been in the Church. But, although that position is popular, it is not Scriptural. 

Before sending them, Jesus personally poured into or taught His disciples; and, in his letters, the Apostle Paul makes a distinction between workers or “laborers”, such as himself, and the “harvest”, which are the people. Meaning, laborers are the men and women hired or called by God (the Lord of the harvest) to go into the “field” or into the world, in order to nurture the harvest or to feed and build up the innate measure of faith, which is in all people, in order for them to see God.

Our vision for ministry  

Our vision is to help cultivate and nurture people to a place of spiritual maturity in the things of God, until the time comes when He decides to gather in His harvest. 

That means the following: 

  • To preach and teach God's Word without adding to it any man-made and man-inspired preconditions.
  • To help set the captives (those who are unaware of God’s free gift of salvation and those who are aware but are still struggling with bad habits, hobbies and hang ups) free, so that they can be the victorious people God says we are, in Christ.
  • To make enduring disciples of Christ.

What we believe and teach  

We believe:

  • The Living Word of God became flesh took on the form of a Son, a Servant and a Sacrifice: the man Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus Christ is the Savior of ALL mankind, especially those who believe (1 Timothy 4:10).
  • God gave (the) Christ the authority and the power to be the head over the Church—His Body—of believers; and, (the) Christ has, now, and will have the final Word on all matters pertaining to humanity’s spiritual condition.
  • The Holy Bible is the infallible Word of God in its entirety Old and New Testament.
  • Salvation is not just about gaining admission into heaven; it is also about living a Sin-free victorious life in this world, in order to have fellowship with God, now.
  • The eternal life of the believer starts NOW, not after he or she dies.

Salvation is a process: it has a beginning, it has a middle area, and it has an end point.

As for its beginning, that part has already been done for us: Christ single-handedly worked out our collective salvation when He died on the cross.

The middle area is where we work out our own individual salvation, in order to continue what God has started—we must believe what God has already done for us and start being the victoriously Sin-free people He says we are in Christ Jesus.

As for the end point of our salvation, that is when we receive new Sin-free, glorified bodies; the process the Apostle Paul referred to in 1-Corinthians 15:35-55. Those new bodies complete the salvation process, which was already fully accomplished in our minds or hearts, by faith. Those new bodies are for a new Earth that is to come, later. (Ref. Revelation 21:1-2).



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