Servant's Heart International Ministries
The ministry God entrusted to Daniel & Peggy Hilliard

The meditations of our hearts...

Daily we PRAY:

  • Lord, we are thankful for Your presence (Mind and Peace) in us; it is because of You that we have life and we have it abundantly in this world;
  • Lord, we are thankful that we walk in divine purpose and that we hear Your voice, always;
  • Lord, we are thankful that we walk in divine health and that no sickness can exist in or among us;
  • Lord, we are thankful that every financial need we have is met, we are wise stewards, we are generous givers, and we are debt-free.

Daily we SAY:

  • You promised to dwell in us, and You promised that You would never leave or forsake us;
  • You promised to lead us and guide us into all truth, for Your Word is true;
  • We walk in divine health, according to Your Word: because of the stripes Jesus Christ bore in His body, we can be and are healed in our bodies;
  • We have the power (both the authority and the capability) to gain wealth, because of Your wisdom that dwell within us and because You have placed Your Name on us.

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